Old Vine 2019


Luckily, we have access to very small parcels of fruit from old, dry-grown, hand-pruned/picked vineyards of up to 160 years of age. We decided early on that making a Grenache the way Barossan families made table wines many generations ago would honour the years of back-breaking work that went into keeping the vineyards feasible and sustainable. Whole-bunch ferments, no crushing or temperature control, natural yeasts, hand-plunged and foot-trodden. 

Varietal: Grenache
Region: Barossa
Volume (ml): 750ml
Alcohol Vol. (%): 14.5
Standard Drinks: 8.3
Vintage: 2019

Price $35.00
Old Vine 2019
Old Vine 2019

Tasting Notes

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